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Why Is My AC Blowing Warm Air?

Summer is the time of year to enjoy the warm weather with fun outdoor activities. But after some fun in the sun, it’s always nice to cool off inside your nice air-conditioned home. However, if your AC is blowing warm air, summertime fun can quickly turn into hot mess. If your AC system is giving you trouble this summer, learn some of the common causes of this AC problem and what you can do to resolve it.

If your AC is blowing warm air, contact Arctic Air Conditioning for air conditioner repair in Mercer, Monmouth, Middlesex, or Ocean County, New Jersey. Give us a call at 732-455-9110 or contact us online!

How Your Air Conditioner Is Supposed to Work 

Cool and energy-efficient air conditioning is achieved by a network of sophisticated components working seamlessly together which manipulate refrigerant inside coils to extract heat from your home and release the heat outdoors. If any component isn’t performing at 100 percent, the entire system suffers, which results in higher cooling bills and deficient cooling. These are the basics of how an efficient AC is supposed to work: 

  • The evaporator coil, which is located inside your home and contains refrigerant, extracts heat from ducted airflow.
  • An air handler forces the cooled air through the supply ducts to the living spaces.
  • The refrigerant flows to the compressor where it is prepped to release heat from the condenser coil outside your home.
  • Once the refrigerant has released heat at the condenser, it flows to the evaporator to begin the cooling process again until the thermostat set point is reached.

What to Do When Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Working

One of the most common issues that occurs with air conditioners, especially air conditioners in need of repair or maintenance, is warm air blowing from the supply outlets. There are three primary sources for this problem, which are issues with the thermostat settings, ice accumulation on the evaporator, and airflow restrictions somewhere in the forced-air system.

The thermostat is the first component to check when you’re having air conditioner problems. The AC issue could stem from incorrect thermostat settings or loose or damaged thermostat components. 

  • Make sure the thermostat is in “cool” and “auto” modes. Set the thermostat temperature 5 degrees above room temperature. Your air conditioner should engage if this was indeed the issue.
  • Remove the thermostat cover. Check for loose wires, and tighten the screw terminals as necessary. Use a soft cloth to gently clean the thermostat components and replace the cover.

Ice accumulation is a common issue for air conditioning systems blowing warm air. Ice on the evaporator coil prevents the refrigerant from extracting heat from the ducted airflow, which means the warm return air isn’t cooled before it recirculates into the living spaces. These are some of the causes and conditions which lead to ice accumulation:

  • A dirty air filter is often to blame for a number of AC issues, including strain on components and higher cooling bills. Turn off your AC. Replace the dirty air filter. Leave the AC off long enough for the ice to melt, and don’t forget to lay down some towels. Restart the AC. If ice accumulates on the evaporator coil again, call your local HVAC pros at Arctic Air Conditioning.
  • Refrigerant charge must be at optimal levels for efficient heat exchange. Too much or too little refrigerant stresses the coils and compressor and causes ice accumulation. Refrigerant charge must be measured by a certified technician.
  • Faulty electrical components or poor contacts also stress the AC system and leads to ice accumulation on the evaporator. This air conditioner repair issue, like refrigerant charge, should be handled by a trained professional.

Repair Your Air Conditioner Today

If your air conditioner is blowing warm air, contact Arctic Air Conditioning today for air conditioner repair  in Mercer, Monmouth, Middlesex, or Ocean County, New Jersey.

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