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If you have an emergency, please call 732-455-9110.

Arctic Air Conditioning first opened its doors in 1977. We ensure our clients enjoy the benefits of all that experience by continuously striving for more knowledge and skill. Our team excels at what they do because they maintain an attitude of learning.

We stay at the top of the industry by relying on the latest best practices and equipment. Efficiency isn’t enough, though. Service excellence and honest pricing are equally crucial, so we treat our clients with the utmost respect.

We proudly offer:

On-the-Spot Assistance

We might be a family-run business, but we’ve grown into our current 16,000-square-foot facility. That space allows us to store more components and fixtures — a resource you’ll enjoy through prompt service. Nobody should have to wait for a plumber to order parts. That’s why Arctic Air prides itself on on-the-spot repairs.

Our customer service lines are staffed by humans, not bots or answering services. When you call us, you’ll speak to a consultant who understands our service offerings and can help you immediately. We also offer emergency services 24/7.

Award-Winning Service

Arctic Air provides outstanding efficiency, and industry leaders are paying attention. Our business has an A+ rating from the BBB and has won:

  • The Dave Lennox Award
  • Home Depot Partner of the Year award
  • Angi Super Service Award

Accountability & Talent

Arctic Air’s technicians are NATE-certified and licensed. That means they’ve passed a series of tough tests and are covered for liability purposes. Their qualifications also assure you of OSHA compliance. Our work is safe, effective, and on-point.

We’ll take care of more than just your plumbing and HVAC system. We’ll look after your home, too. We use gloves, booties, and dropcloths, so we leave your home as clean as it was when we arrived.

Comprehensive Service

Our services are comprehensive. We work with all your comfort needs, from plumbing and cooling to electrical services and generators.

Exceptional Equipment

Even the best repair will fail if it relies on shoddy equipment. That’s why we keep a full inventory of high-quality parts, products, and appliances. Great equipment means exceptional efficacy and energy efficiency.

We’ll save you money on lifetime costs while assuring you of lasting comfort. Your home is probably your biggest asset, so we treat it with the respect it deserves.

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