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Radiant Heat Installation in Central New Jersey

The days of stepping barefoot onto cold tiles first thing in the morning are Illustration showing radiant heating system in a home. behind you — if you invest in radiant heating for your home.

Radiant, or hydronic, heating is installed below the floor and uses a series of tubes to carry hot water through your home. This water radiates heat through the house from the floor up, meaning you get to keep the heat where you actually are.

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Radiant heating diagram showing how heat circulates in a home.

The Benefits of Radiant Heating

There are many benefits of radiant floor heating, including:

Increased home comfort: One of the greatest benefits is the significant increase in home comfort. Radiant heating keeps the heat in your home where you need it  — near you. It provides consistent, even temperatures, and you’ll never have cold spots or step barefoot onto a cold floor again.

Improved energy efficiency: A radiant heating system uses significantly less energy to operate compared to traditional forced air heating systems, meaning you can save money on your monthly heating bills and, over time, recoup the cost of installation.

Compatible with all flooring types: If you install a radiant heating system in your central New Jersey home, you’re not confined to just one or two types of flooring — you can install anything you’d like over your radiant heating system, and it will operate perfectly. This includes, but isn’t limited to, carpet, hardwood, tile, slate, linoleum, and concrete.

Clean, healthy heat: Since your radiant heating system won’t depend on the movement of air from one place to another, you’ll never have to worry about dust and debris being circulated throughout your home.

Less noticeable operation: This means you won’t hear or see your system operating. It doesn’t require bulky ductwork or make any noises. The water will flow soundlessly below your feet, and you’ll never have to worry about a thing.

Common Questions About Radiant Floor Heating

How does a hydronic heating system work? A series of sealed pipes is installed underneath your flooring, and with the use of gas or electric energy, heated water is pumped through the pipes, supplying powerful and even home heating.

What type of flooring can be used with an underfloor heating system? Whether you’re looking to warm concrete, vinyl, wood, or any other common floor material, a radiant heating system can be installed (or retrofitted in the case of installing radiant floor heating in an existing home) within anything.

Can underfloor heating replace radiators? The exact answer would depend on your heat load needs and level of heat loss, but in most cases, you can completely remove radiators from the equation.

Is radiant floor heating cost-effective? It’s substantially more efficient than baseboard heating. Typically, the cost to operate is also more efficient than most types of furnaces or boiler heat. This is because the process of forced-air heating, which isn’t involved in radiant floor heating, results in significant heat loss.

Can you heat a whole house with radiant floor heating? Radiant or hydronic heating systems are more than capable of taking care of your entire home. Because they heat very evenly, they’re great for minimizing cold spots.

How long do hydronic heating systems last? Assuming correct maintenance and a proper, professional installation, you should expect 15+ years of good service.

What will radiant floor heating cost? Radiant floor heating costs about $5 to $7 per square foot for the materials or $8 to $12 or more per square foot with professional floor installation.

Can I DIY My Radiant Heating Installation?

Before you start thinking, “I can do that!” let our team help you understand how complex a radiant heating installation can be. To be certified to install radiant heating, a contractor must go through specialized training courses, years of apprenticeship, and an extensive certification process.

Electric radiant heating installation requires many expensive tools and, more importantly, a precise understanding of these systems and how to integrate them into a home.

Without these, any mistakes will result in a system that doesn’t work — or a system that could be dangerous to you and your home. If you don’t want to waste time and money, leave it to a certified, experienced professional.

Looking for experienced radiant floor heating contractors in central New Jersey? Contact Arctic Air Conditioning.

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If you’re interested in hydronic heating for your central New Jersey home, contact the experts at Arctic Air Conditioning. We have installed and serviced radiant heating systems for over 30 years and can handle any size project.

For the past five years, we’ve been using Uponor radiant heating systems because we believe they’re the best product in the industry.

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We also offer radiant heating repair if you’ve run into a problem with your system.

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