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Electrical systems involve complex components and mechanisms that require professional electricians for installation, maintenance, and repair. Arctic Air Conditioning employs highly trained and licensed electricians to service all your electrical needs. From outlet repairs, light installations, electrical panel issues, and more, we are the team to call first!

Whole-Home Surge Protection

More and more homes are becoming smart homes, filled with the latest and greatest tech available. Our reliance on technology to support our homes and lives means a greater reliance on energy resources to power them. Safeguard your home with surge protection to prevent damage to your electronics and appliances while lengthening their life span.

Learn more about all our home surge protection options by calling Arctic Air Conditioning at 732-455-9110!

Lighting Installation

Proper lighting can improve the safety and ambiance of your home while also adding value. A well-lit home is a standout home! Arctic Air Conditioning supplies top-rated lighting installation in Old Bridge, NJ, and the surrounding area to ensure you have the latest technology in lighting products that are effective, energy-efficient, and affordable.


Weather in New Jersey can be unpredictable, with weather events throwing out power sources for days or longer. Don’t get caught unprepared when a loss of power occurs. Your home can have the electric power resources it needs to stay online until local power is restored with a modern generator. We offer:

Keep your major appliances working and your home safe and warm even when the most brutal weather comes your way by scheduling a generator installation in New Jersey with Arctic Air.

Contact us online or call us at 732-455-9110 to schedule a free generator consultation!

Generator Installation

Generator installation in New Jersey is made easy with the pros at Arctic Air Conditioning. Our expert technicians will outfit your home with the best generator for your home’s size, power requirements, and budget. All your options will be discussed during your pre-installation consultation to ensure we get you what you need and want!

Electric Maintenance and Repair Services

Don’t delay minor electrical issues when you notice them. They can lead to big, expensive repairs and put your household at risk. The Arctic Air team is always ready to help you with any electrical issues your home may be experiencing. Schedule an electric inspection to stay ahead of problems so that we can evaluate your electrical panel, lighting, generator, outlets, ceiling or attic fans, and electric wiring to ensure everything is in top shape.

Electric Car Charging Stations

The move to go electric with automobiles is on the rise. An increased number of homeowners are making the switch, requiring the need to add a charging station in their homes for their electric vehicles. Our expert team will ensure that you get the right type of charger (levels 1-3) to meet your needs and secure them with a first-rate installation.

Circuit Panels

Like other appliances and components in your home, electrical panels grow less efficient over time from active use. As your home electricity requirements grow, your panel can become overtaxed and break down. Making sure your home’s current electrical panel is configured to support all your power needs is a crucial first step. When you need an upgrade, call on the professionals at Arctic Air Conditioning to ensure that your installation is safe, correct, and timely.

Contact Arctic Air Conditioning at 732-455-9110 to schedule your electrical inspection with our expert team.

Why Choose Arctic Air Conditioning?

Powering your life is what we do best at Arctic Air Conditioning. Our team has delivered five-star electrical services to the Old Bridge, NJ, community for over 40 years. With licensed, certified, and insured electricians, and award-winning services, you can rest easy knowing you will be well cared for. We stand by all our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Enjoy the camaraderie and ease of a family-focused company dedicated to serving you and your family’s electrical needs with precision and excellence.

When you need quick, dependable service, you need the family-focused electricians at Arctic Air Conditioning. Contact Arctic Air Conditioning at 732-455-9110 to schedule an electrical inspection in Old Bridge, NJ!

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