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Broken Pipe Repair in Old Bridge, NJ

Are your pipes in good condition? Unless you spot a water stain on the ceiling or a wet spot on the living room rug, you may never know you have a hidden leak from a broken pipe. Many damaged pipes running behind walls and ceilings go unnoticed for years, slowly damaging your home’s structural integrity and allowing mold to flourish.

For your peace of mind, you should detect water leaks and pursue pipe repair with the help of a professional plumber. We use minimally invasive methods to locate hidden leaks so we can complete the pipe repair immediately.

If you need pipe repair in Monmouth, Middlesex, Mercer, Ocean, and Somerset counties, call Arctic Air Conditioning at 732-455-9110. 

UV Repair Systems for Sewer Pipe Repair

UV repair systems for sewer pipe repairs are changing how homeowners fix their sewer pipes.

With this innovative, state-of-the-art technology, homeowners can repair their pipes in one day with little to no damage to their homes or properties. This technology can save thousands of dollars and lots of time.

How Does UV Light Pipe Repair Work?

With UV repair systems, a flexible tube is fed into the broken sewer until it reaches the crack or burst. Then, specially formulated resins are poured into the pipe. A technician turns on the UV light, and in as little as 10 minutes, the resins cure and harden, and the flexible tube is removed.

The sewer line is immediately usable. The resins are strong and ultra-durable, which means they’ll last for as long as you need them. UV pipe repair is versatile, meaning it can be used on horizontal and vertical pipes.

At Arctic Air, we’re the first in the area to offer this advanced drain repair solution. Let us help you save your time, money, and property.

Contact Arctic Air at 732-455-9110 or online today to see if UV sewer repair is right for your home.

Leaking Pipe Repair

Every few months, you should conduct a simple test to detect leaks in your plumbing. First, read the water meter located outside. Ask everyone to refrain from using any water from the tap for the next one to two hours. Read the water meter again, and if you spot a change, you have a leak somewhere in your plumbing.

This test could reveal a relatively harmless leak, like a toilet leaking between the tank and bowl, or it could point to something more serious. You’ll need a professional’s help to identify the exact source of the plumbing leak.

Need one of our plumbers to fix your broken pipes? Call Arctic Air at 732-455-9110 or contact us today to get started.

Temporarily Repair Damaged Pipes

Sometimes a broken pipe is unmistakable. If you have an unfinished basement or crawl space, a pipe there may freeze in bitter winter conditions and burst, causing a leak once the pipe thaws.

If this happens, you need an emergency plumber, and you must act quickly to prevent as much water damage as possible. Follow these steps until a professional plumber arrives:

  • Turn off the main water supply to your house.
  • Open a faucet to drain residual water from the pipes.
  • If the burst pipe is still frozen, make repairs before thawing it to help reduce water damage.
  • Temporarily repair the damaged pipe with repair tape or clamps.
  • Trust an experienced plumber to replace the ruptured pipe.

It doesn’t matter if you live in Old Bridge, Marlboro, East Brunswick, or Manalapan; Arctic Air can help you today.

Contact us at 732-455-9110 to speak to a member of our team.

Schedule Pipe Repair in Central New Jersey

Arctic Air Conditioning can repair frozen or burst pipes — or plumbing damaged for any other reason. Don’t fret if you need any kind of water pipe repair.

If you live around Old Bridge, Marlboro, East Brunswick, or Manalapan, Arctic Air is the plumber you’re looking for. Our pipe repairs will have your plumbing up and running again in no time.

If you suspect a leak after conducting a leak detection test, or you’re afraid your pipes are frozen, contact us immediately at 732-455-9110.

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